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Deep Embedding Forest: Forest-based Serving with Deep Embedding Features

Ying Shan, Jianchang Mao, Dong Yu, Holakou Rahmanian, Yi Zhang
US Patent
Publication year: 2018

Abstract. A deep embedding forest-based (DEF) model for improving on-line serving time for classification learning methods and other tasks such as, for example, predicting user selection of search results provided in response to a query or for image, speech or text recognition. Initially, a deep neural network (DNN) model is trained to determine parameters of an embedding layer, a stacking layer, deep layers and a scoring layer thereby reducing high dimensional features. After training the DNN model, the parameters of the deep layers and the scoring layer of the DNN model and discarded and the parameters of the embedding layer and the stacking layer are extracted. The extracted parameters from the DNN model then initialize parameters of an embedding layer and a stacking layer of the DEF model such that only a forest layer of the DEF model is then required to be trained. Output from the DEF model is stored in computer memory.